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Financial Services

Listed below are some of the services which Larry and his associates provide to their clients, through his firm he represents top-quality financial services companies.

Personal Financial Economics focuses on helping with the building and maximization of wealth potential.It can also help protect that wealth from being transferred to government, financial institutions, and corporations. Personal financial economics is surprisingly easy to do. It requires much less time and effort than traditional financial planning. The cost of other advisors is kept to a minimum. It does not limit people to their preconceived needs and goals. Personal financial economics is designed to provide a systematic method to help toward achieving a happy and successful financial life.

Your plan will include: (1) an in-depth review of your existing income tax liability, investment portfolio, business ownership arrangements, benefit package, and insurance program: (2) a determination and prioritizing of your objectives; (3) and assessment of which objectives you already are accomplishing; and (4) periodic reviews (at least annually).


Most people spend less time planning their financial resources than planning a vacation. There’s always plenty of time for everything. You get married, have kids, raise them and sent them off to college. You’ve got a good job and think nothing will change. But everything can. Marriage, divorce, death, career change or job never know. But we do. And we help you prepare for it.

You work hard. You save. You provide a wonderful home and lots of loving security for your family. But what happens when you’re no longer there for them? How can you ensure that they’re provided for in the same lifestyle that they are living today? Most people don’t realize the problems their families will face in regard to leaving a legacy. Many times there’s not even a basic will. All this has to be considered from the beginning and planned for. As with every financial plan, as life transitions, so should your plans. Our biggest plan is to be there for you all along the way.


Would the loss of your earned income cause financial hardship? If you are unable to work, could you continue your lifestyle? If your family is left without your income, could they live at the level you want them to have?Does your current insurance portfolio accomplish your goals? Are you, and those who trust you, protected against the major risks, which you and they face?


If you own a business, recent changes in the tax laws have made this type of planning imperative. You should know the options available to achieve your goals regarding the sale or retention of your business; (1) during your work years, (2) in the event of your disability, (3) at retirement, and (4) at your death. You will receive an evaluation of your current business agreements and alternative methods of achieving your objectives. This includes an explanation of the various methods available for funding your agreements to assure that sufficient cash is ready when needed.


We will be able to help establish: (1) standard benefits--such as group health, life, disability, and dental insurance; (2) selective executive compensation--which includes supplemental retirement, disability, and death benefits; and others which do not need to be provided to all employees.

Flexible Benefit Plans (Section 125 Cafeteria Compensation Plans) can reduce corporate payroll taxes and benefit costs. In addition, we enjoy designing Profit Sharing, 401(k), 401(k) Safe Harbor, New Comparability Pension Plans.

Finally, you can request our services to design and implement specific benefit programs tailored to your corporate needs.


RISK -- What is it? Do your investments preserve your principle, but erode your purchasing power? Should you have a Traditional IRA, SEP/SIMPLE IRA, ROTH 401K, 401K Solo or ROTH IRA? Are you eligible for "tax relief"?

Should you diversify? What portion of your assets should be in stocks, bonds, cash equivalents and/or real estate? Should your money be in "separate accounts"? We will help you allocate your assets, taking into account your life cycle phase and investment attitude. Your tax "bite" may be minimized as well. You will be able to use myself, and my associates, to help you locate, evaluate, and select specific investments and funds to include in your personal and retirement plan portfolios. You may choose from a variety of "opportunity sources," including various developers and producers of direct investments, and the top fund managers. You will be comforted by the high standard of "Due Diligence" which you`ll see used by the broker/dealer.


"The more you understand financial matters, the more you`ll appreciate our services; the less you understand financial matters, the more you need our services."